Scholarship for American Actors

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The news

Rome based drama school and theater, La SITI, the International School of Improvisation and Theater, is opening its doors to international students by offering $11,000 worth of one-year scholarships for American actors. Qualified students will have the opportunity to learn Italian theatrical techniques, produce original shows and perform throughout the year in different theaters and festivals across Italy and Europe.


Scholarship applicants will go through two rounds of submissions. The first round of scholarship submissions will be September 1, 2017 and ends September 30, 2017. The second round ends in October and last round of submissions will be accepted at the end of November.

What is the scholarship about?

Qualified students will learn from some of the best actors, directors, writers, authors and improv specialists in Italy. Scholarship recipients will learn authentic Italian theatrical art, such as Commedia dell’Arte, Giorgio Strehler or Federico Fellini, while producing their own pieces in original format with shows touring throughout the year in beautiful theatres across Rome. Acting is a unique and beautiful art form to the founders of La SITI, Maria Beatrice Alonzi and Giorgia Mazzucato. They are thrilled to be able to teach and pass down our knowledge of Italian theater technique through their Empathy Method to international students.

How to Apply

Students interested in applying will need to submit a resume, headshot, social media links and a brief cover letter. In addition, applicants must compile a video to submit that includes a brief description of themselves, approximately 30 seconds long, and a monologue of their choice lasting approximately two to three minutes, and lastly an improvisational skit. Applicants must upload their video to a video transfer site and submit all requested material to for review.


  • Resume

    Send us a brief resume in .pdf format outlining your acting experience.

    Focus only on your artistic career and studies.
  • Pictures

    Send us only small pictures two or three tops, one portrait, one acting if you have one and maybe one of your entire figure.

    It's important that you choose pictures that mean something to you, the real you, not a stranger photo shopped.
  • Cover letter

    A brief overview of yourself, who you are, your major accomplishments in art/acting and why would you love to be an actor or actress.

    It's your moment, be brief, be full of passion.
  • A Video

    The video must include the following: • A 30 second long brief description of yourself • A 2 -3 minute monologue of your choice • A 2-3 minute improvisational skit based on the below:      o The actor opening a page of a book in their possession      o Opening the book to a random page and reading the first words they see      o Improvising a short monologue based on the first words they read

    The completed video must be uploaded to a video transfer site (such as WeTransfer) and the link inserted into the submission email.

    Don't cheat. About anything. We don't want you to be perfect, we want you to be you.
  • How to submit your application materials

    Send all requested material directly to or by pressing the “Apply via mail" button at the bottom of this page.

A word from the founder

Our goal is not to find and choose perfect actors, but instead find great people who are up for a challenge. We want to see you challenge yourselves while enjoying the risk and exposing yourself to different ways of acting. Attitude is the most important word to us. We don’t teach students to act, we teach students how to be an actor.

About US

La SITI, the International School of Improvisation and theater, is an International Production Center and Drama School in Rome. Its goal is to create the figure of an entrepreneur actor. La SITI garnered international attention when Mazzucato took home the Outstanding International Artist award for “Lifegate” at this year’s San Diego International Fringe Festival. La SITI is now collaborating and producing alongside the most important movie and theatre production companies in Italy to bring their students hard work and visions to life. La SITI offers professional classes in acting, movement, directing, writing, music, voice, history of theatre and also marketing, digital strategy, mobile photography. La SITI’s first purpose is to prepare the actors to be ready to work. Students are expected to be involved in photo shooting, video making, and learning how to become protagonists of their own career providing them professionals, specialist and a personal PR Office during all the year. The teachers of the school are professionals from all over the world. The actors learn how to play through the MIT® Method (IT website), a method used to teach acting through empathy, which helps to develop creative freedom and improve artistic capabilities for life.

Interested in applying?

Here's what to do next, apply using the “Apply via MAIL” button below or sending all required materials to for review.
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